Indian Concrete Institute (Pune Centre)

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Recent Webinars

Quality Assurance of Concrete Road

The webinar delved into concrete roads, encompassing the factors affecting the service life of rigid pavements, right from DPR, Execution, Quality Assurance / Quality Control, Topography etc.

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Recent Webinars

Iconic Structures of India - Lotus Temple


The Lotus temple or the Bahai temple as it's known is an Engineering marvel of our country. 

A structure build ahead of it's time, Let us go through the fascinating journey of one of the most iconic structures in India

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ICI PC Programmes

Indian Concrete Institute (Pune Centre) shares the vision of ICI in propagating and disseminating knowledge beneficial to construction field, ICI PC organises a number of programmes and events to spread awareness and capability building of the enginering fraternity

Monthly tech Talks

Indian Concrete Institute (Pune Centre) brings in experts from the field to deliver captivating monthly webinars / techtalks

Training Sessions

ICI Pune centre can arrange Trainings as per your organisations, need, get connected with us.

Student Chapters

Start a Student Chapter in your college, get training sessions, Industry interaction and many more such benefits for your students.